Tap into Clarity

2 hour session + workbook

Work with your thoughts, emotions and energetic body to clear away the debris (fear, doubt, judgement)
that block your path to clarity and progress.

A two hour session (via skype or zoom) to explore what is holding you back and what old beliefs you carry around that block you. This session will cover basic EFT tapping techniques as well as options to explore for deeper self work. We will also do a Matrix Reimprinting exercise that helps you connect with your most successful version of yourself.

EFT Coaching

1 hour session + workbook

Learn a stress reducing, proven technique to help you move through your overwhelming emotions and negative beliefs.

A one hour session (via skype or zoom) to learn several techniques to work on independently with a workbook or one-on-one work to help get through a difficult time or recurring problem. Sometimes the right questions from a coach can help you get right to the source of the issue and that is what a 1 hour session can do.

The Workbook

Tapping into Meaning

Once you know the process of EFT you can guide yourself through this workbook intended to keep you focused on your goals and areas of healing. It is designed to help you dive deeper into the process and stay connected to the practice.

Each page has space to fill out with your own needs and thoughts and can be used over and over for each new goal, month or however you choose to use it.