Art is a tool...


Use your creative tools to...

find your voice.
create an expression of your true self.
make deeply personal art.
cultivate your own happiness.
connect to your intuition.
discover your internal guidance.
heal subconscious blocks and beliefs.
use art as a tool to build your dream life.


Art is your tool, just like journaling, meditation, yoga and everything else that we can use to lead us to deeper, more meaningful lives lived spiritually and intentionally.

The sparks are the flash or moments that ignite courage, insight, motivation, belief, passion and change you are seeking in your life.

We do not wait for the sparks to find us. We create them. We chase them through creative action and belief that the sparks are seeking us as we are seeking them.

I am here to guide you, focus your creative energy, and help you access all the profound benefits available to you through your own creativity. Welcome to this colorful journey back to yourself.


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