Tap into your dream life

I'm so glad you have decided to take your emotional and mental well-being into your own hands.

EFT has been around for quite some time and is used by licensed professionals as well as individuals for good reason.... it can change lives.

By now I'm sure you are aware that the subconscious mind and processing takes on 90% of our daily functioning and emotional responses. This system makes decisions (immediate responses) based on past beliefs and emotions and what pain we want to avoid.

We clean up our subconscious processing system by releasing the negative and limiting events and emotions and reframing events positively through our EFT practice.

When we do this clearing we are telling our main system that we want to respond in new ways to incoming experiences rather than using data that no longer applies to what we believe or want.

This leaves us open to new behaviors and emotions that send us in the direction of what we want.

Clearing out the old junk doesn't mean we have to ruminate and get bogged down by it. We can now feel it, move through it and start calling in a whole new way of living.

My dream for you is to realize your full potential and be in emotional balance for the rest of your days because you have the tools to set you right whenever you need them.

Who wants to have a valuable conversation with their future self?
My first thought was: “Ahhh, I’ve tried EFT before and even though it is fine, it’s not really my fave thing” However like so many things, when you leave expectations at the door, you get open for surprises ... which is what I got.

I loved so many things about our session ... 
firstly, she created a very warm, judgement-free atmosphere where I felt I could really trust her. I loved that she used her intuition as well as practical tools to help me shift my focus and get some really valuable aha moments and insights.
I especially loved the process where she would take me to a place where I spoke with my future self ... so much value and joy. So grateful ...
— Barchi F.
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Since I have read up and looked into EFT on-line I know just a bit but our session together exceeded my expectation. A wonderful hour I would not change a thing. Comfortable all the way!  I had not been able to sleep laying down so chair sleeping it’s been for 3 nights before I had EFT.  The night of EFT I slept like a baby, no dreams, in my own bed.
— Cara

Work with your thoughts, emotions and energetic body to clear away the debris (fear, doubt, judgement) that block your path to clarity and progress.

A two hour session (via skype or zoom) to explore what is holding you back and what old beliefs you carry around that block you. This session will cover basic EFT tapping techniques, advanced options as well as a workbook to explore for deeper self work. We will also do a Matrix Reimprinting exercise that helps you connect with your most successful version of yourself to find clarity and direction.

Tap into Clarity

2 hour session + workbook

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Learn a stress reducing, proven technique to help you move through your overwhelming emotions and negative beliefs.

A one hour session (via skype or zoom) to learn several techniques to work on independently with a workbook or one-on-one work to help get through a difficult time or recurring problem. Sometimes the right questions from a coach can help you get right to the source of the issue and that is what a 1 hour session can do.

EFT Coaching

1 hour session + workbook

Jane empowers people rather than make them dependent on her. She showed me that I can do this. I can heal myself. I can build a new life, a new way of relating to myself and others and the world. Jane is a Hope Giver.

While the traditional tapping method was effective, it was the additonal methods Jane taught me and art process that brought true peace and hope for me. The tapping process with Jane was not just helpful in the present, but in how I feel about and face the future. This process restores hope and purpose and gives clarity to me. 

Working directly with Jane and using a combination of written/verbal instruction and physical practice made the whole process clear to me, and made it very easy to implement on my own. I use those tools every day now. 
— Krista
This process restores hope and purpose and gives clarity to me..png
I never really knew a lot about tapping and was really surprised at how purging it can be. It really makes you clear out difficult emotions that have been lingering and that was unexpected for me.
I have worked with Jane previously and the results that I experienced were epic. I really made a drastic change in my life by learning how to identify the problems instead of just knowing they are there. I knew that my sessions would be successful and that I would be adding more tools to my arsenal that are going to be beneficial in the future.

I think the methods I have learned are unique and effective. I am very amazed at how much I have improved and look forward to continuously improving using my tools.
— Giovanna

The Workbook

Available after our first hour session.

Our session will set you up for how to work deeper with the workbook and get the most out of your time tapping.

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Once you know the process of EFT you can guide yourself through this workbook intended to keep you focused on your goals and areas of healing. It is designed to help you dive deeper into the process and stay connected to the practice.

Each page has space to fill out with your own needs and thoughts and can be used over and over for each new goal, month or however you choose to use it. This workbook is designed to support you after our session and is only available to those who have completed at least one hour session with me.