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The sparks are the flash or moments that ignite courage, insight, motivation, belief, passion and change you are seeking in your life. 

We do not wait for the sparks to find us. We create them. We chase them through creative action and belief that the sparks are seeking us as we are seeking them.



Many of the challenges ask you to sort through your thoughts before you create or as you create a piece of art. It is a great tool for taking your rational mind and giving it a place to get involved in the creative process.



Using painting, collage, drawing or any other creative tool we challenge ourselves to explore an emotion, thought or belief visually. This practice is not only fun but it opens up our subconscious mind and allows new information to be seen and felt.



When we allow the creative process to unfold in its messy unpredictable way we open ourselves up to the messages our imagery hold for us. Many times our insight is unrelated to what is created but it has allowed a space in our constant thoughts and criticism to hear the messages from our heart or soul.