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Creative Life Mini Manual

Get a copy of my "mini" manual to get you started on how I use art with clients to get them started on their way toward living the life they've been dreaming.


Full Color - Smooth Finish Cards

3.5" x 5" cards
Printed in the USA to support local business.


42 original art works with special meaning

Each card is printed with a title to remind you of the meaning and a full description (in an included booklet) meant to inspire, guide or support you.

OMGosh I don’t know where to start. I have over 40 tarot and oracle decks. This is absolutely my new favorite. Love the design, the presentation, the rocks around the deck. Everything is fabulous.
Thank you so much
— Ronda

My oracle cards are not meant to tell you what to do in your own life. This deck contains themes that may help you look at your feelings or circumstances in a new way but they don't tell you what you should do or how to do it. It is a way to tap into your own inner wisdom of what you need by having an aspect of being human brought to your attention. They are supportive guidance through life's ups and downs.

For example, a card and meaning from this deck includes...
Crossing the Waters: We are all crossing the waters of life, experience love, loss, joy and pain. We are only asked to continue the journey through but some of us are called to guide others through the waters with compassion and generosity. There is no dishonor in making it through alone, but if you feel called use your strength to gently help others across the waters when their boat is sinking.


Be Kind to Yourself: The thoughts we think about ourselves attach to us and become what we believe. Be kind to yourself! Even if we make mistakes we must forgive ourselves and not carry around the sharp judgements. Adorn yourself with blooming flowers of positive thoughts, words and beliefs because you are worthy of that love and kindness.