Work With Me


If you want...
 To be more honest expressing yourself - not so worried about what others think 

To be more accepting of yourself and creating a better version of yourself.

+ To understand and heal your emotions so they stop ruling your life

+ To create a nurturing creative soul practice that makes sense for your beliefs

To discover intentionally created living

To embrace the chaos of everything that you are:
   emotions, thoughts, and experiences

+ To be open to receiving and trusting your inner guidance and intuition

To create breathing space to be and experience yourself


Contact me {click the button below} to have a 45 minute complimentary clarity call with me to explore how you can create your colorful life as your true self.


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Painted Life Coaching asks you to stop and take a close look deep within the self, address the hidden junk or dysfunctional beliefs interfering with knowing and expressing yourself authentically in the world.

We will create the sparks needed to regain that sense of courage, self and purpose.

Create the version of You that is honest and present in your real life. The You that understands and values your emotions and their messages.

The women I have worked with have uncovered their own voice and started living their lives as themselves, no longer afraid to express who they are and how they feel. They have found their inner guidance system to answer their own questions and point the way to where they want to be. These creative women developed the tools they enjoy that guide them through turbulent times, uncomfortable emotions and personal development. They have found that appreciation and love for themselves that they were previously seeking from others and sky rocketed their self-esteem.


Personalized coaching

I help you define what it is you are really looking to change in your life. Tools to examine, express and make sense of your emotions and life struggles and access your own guidance. It is a very personal process customized for what you need, what you enjoy and where you want to take your creative practice and coaching series.

• 45 minute complimentary chat before committing to program

• 1 hour coaching call {via skype} every two weeks for three months

• e-mail summary of insights, actions and resources after each call

• unlimited e-mail access to me during your three month series

• personalized creative challenges or activities to help you toward your goals

• tips, tools and supply lists for the painted part of your actions

$150 / month or $405 / paid in full {10% discount}

This is for you if:

[ ] you are not afraid to pick up a paintbrush

[ ] you are excited to be challenged to create personal work

[ ] you are looking to explore who you are deeply, creatively

[ ] you are open to soul work and manifesting talk

[ ] you are ready for a path of self development

My coaching is not for you if:

[ ] you are looking to learn painting techniques or a certain style

[ ] you are wanting to make an art career and hoping this is business coaching

[ ] final product is very important to you

[ ] you are not ready to take action week by week

Coming Soon...

Discover how to create Personal art to more fully express and explore who you are.

• Working at your own pace

• Facebook community of creative spark chasers looking for deeper connection, personal growth and true expression

• 6 weekly inspiration e-mails to help you explore new techniques, creative soul practices and general inspiration for overcoming creative blocks