About Me

I grew up with a crayon or paint in one hand and a pencil in my pocket. My mom called me “pockets” because I would have them stuffed with things to play with or create. I had to be creating something whether it was writing a story, drawing cats in heat (sorry mom) or taping pictures to my walls. I never really lost that desire to create but I did bury it for a time thinking it was time to get a career, one that others expected. I went to college and received a degree in art but decided to focus on graphic design thinking it would fill my creative need but make me employable. I quickly realized how unhappy that made me.

My husband also quickly realized I’m a much nicer person when I have access to paints. He encouraged me to “just paint” when I was experiencing health problems in my early 20’s, stress, and was really just miserable to be around.

I worked as a graphic designer while painting random projects for myself at home for several years. When I had enough of using up my creativity on work projects I had no interest in or control over, I had a wonderful opportunity to open a public art studio where I shared my art, taught all kinds of art classes, and gathered supplies of all kinds for people to try. Now I am raising my beautiful baby girl and following my dream of creating my own art. I sell my art at art fairs, in galleries in the Midwest and on-line here or here.

 I am grateful I had so many people in my life encouraging me to reclaim my creativity. I love what I do now but missed seeing the excitement in others when they tried painting or pottery and discovered how fun and relaxing it can be. I love encouraging others to try some form of art because I can always see that flicker of that says to me they know they are missing a part of themselves.

I want to do that for you now. I will be the person you can come to for inspiration and support. I will be right here to encourage you when you doubt what you create, when you feel so exhausted you just don’t see the point, and when you need someone to tell your critical voice to shut it. I will help you seek out the inspiration or techniques you need, the creative brain teasers to get your mind churning again and the emotional support that is surprisingly needed when you start to bare your soul in paint, on paper or with clay.

Come along with me as I chase down my creative sparks and teach others how to catch their own.

I believe...

I believe...

I am...

about finding your own creative voice

about healing through art

about modern, abstract, collage art

about whimsey and color

about creativity for everyone

about using art for greater spirituality

Visit my fine art website at janeburesh.com

Visit my fine art website at janeburesh.com

The content on this website belongs to me. I create my own illustrations, graphics, and art. If you would like to use my images please link back to my page and give me credit. If you would like to use something for more than personal use please contact me for permission.

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Contact me at janerb3@gmail.com to tell me how I can help you reclaim your creativity.