I never knew what I was capable of...


If you are a parent of young ones or just love Disney movies you might be able to pin point that quote. Yep, good ol’ Elsa (Frozen) discovering everything she is and can be.

It took going against everything people wanted her to be and spending time alone, creating. She finally understood that she had something in her that was incredible and could be expressed into the world. I’m not referring to the ice palace as incredible, although, come on. What was incredible was the confidence, the energy and the sense of peace she finally found when she connected with her real self.

Imagine yourself 5 years from now and looking back saying those words, “I never knew what I was capable of”. What do you see yourself doing that would amaze you? What do you only dream you could do and don’t currently give yourself permission to explore? Put yourself in a state of believing you have already done it. Feeling that pride and sense of accomplishment for having given it your best.

That could be you. That could be you in a months time, then again in a year, five years and on and on.

When you start creating and exploring all that you are, all that you dream of doing you will surprise yourself one day. Here is the key though…

You have to DO IT. You have to start some where. You have to let yourself make that shitty little snow fort the first night so you can do it better the next time. Dream it, yes, but take action too.

Like I tell my daughter (and myself during pep talks), you have to make that pile of bad and terrible projects, art, bread, etc. so that you can really see what you can do. Then when you see that amazing thing you made sitting on top of the pile you will really see yourself, your work, and say “wow, look what all I can do”. The pride doesn’t come just from that final piece, it is from all the effort and failures that give it context.

Join me! Let’s go make a pile of terrible or slightly imperfect things and see what we are really capable of.

Jane BureshComment