A visualization journey

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I have been spending my time laying on the floor of my 2 year old’s room, holding her hand while she drifts to sleep. At first I was antsy and going crazy with impatience. I wanted to get downstairs to get stuff done or tend to my own needs. I noticed that the days I tried to rush getting out of there the more I had to fight for the naps to happen. I had to find a way to calm myself and still feel like I was doing something for me, so I started doing visualization journeying. I would find answers to the things I couldn’t figure out through my circling thoughts. I would get the emotional support I was seeking outside of myself. I was finding what I needed just by laying still and expanding into my own inner world.

I want to share one such journey with you so you can try it and discover the wisdom you hold within yourself.

Begin with three deep belly breaths. Fully breath in and out slowly while relaxing the muscles in your body (except the arm you are holding straight in the air for your child to hold - like I have to do).

Set yourself up for greater understanding in some area of your life by asking a question or choosing an intention. Ie. “What am I really trying to do with my business?” or “I will meet a guide who has just the right message for me today.”

See yourself walking into a wooded area with a gentle stream running through it. Stop by this stream and pull little paper boats from your heart center, filling each one with an aspect of yourself you must let go of in order to grow. I filled boats with anger, neediness, confusion, doubt, impatience, and anything that popped into my head to distract me.

Watch as your boats float gently down stream and around a bend out of sight and out of your mind. Turn to walk deeper into the woods to meet with whomever or whatever has come to greet you today.

Take time to notice the breeze through the leaves, the crunch of branches on the ground and the sounds of birds and whistling winds. See yourself reaching out to gently touch the blades of grass or reaching to touch the waxy leaves that wave in the sunlight.

When you get distracted or impatient with yourself come back to these details.

See the creature or person as they come towards you. What do they look like? What are they made of? What is their energy? What do you notice about them?

If they lead you somewhere, follow with trust that you will not be harmed and they are there for your highest good. (If you are prone to fear or dark imagery popping in begin your journey with a protection prayer or ritual). This is where you just follow and notice. They are delivering you a message or a sign and your job is to go along on the journey and notice.

If you are having a conversation, ask the question that is calling you the most. Don’t try to get all the answers to everything. This is a time for focus on one thing so that information doesn’t get confused or muddied.

When the information or imagery has slowed or seemed to stop it is time to take your leave and end with gratitude. Know in your heart that what you saw, felt, heard or experienced was what you needed even if it makes no sense to you now.

Come back to the river and look at your reflection, reminding yourself of who you are and what you have learned. See yourself as complete and having all the right instruction. Come back into the present moment by wiggling toes, taking deeper breaths and noticing your body and sensations.

Now go and journal about the journey. Ask questions and then try to answer them yourself based on what you experienced in your journey. Write down any details that seem important or were touching to you. Ask yourself, “if there was one central message to take from this what would it be?” then freely write what pops in your head.

This is just one of the journeys I take myself on. I’d love to know how it goes for you and where your journey took you.

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