Can you hear me now?


Tuning into our inner guidance sounds tricky, right? Are you suppose to sit in silent meditation and wait to hear voices? Are you suppose to be able to decipher one voice from your own? Can't that inner guide just send an email?

I, for one, wish I could just hear the voices in my head and be done with it. Sure, I'd probably feel crazy but I already feel crazy from trying to figure everything out seemingly on my own. I know now (after years of practice) how to better hear that inner voice (aka higher self) nudging me in the right direction. I say better hear because it isn't always perfectly clear, I fall out of practice and I get lost all over again. Like today for instance...

I read an innocent email inviting me to a wonderful group but a key phrase set me down a negative path of self flagellation, shame and jealousy.  Cue the critic... "Why don't I have that? Why am I not someone's "bestie"? Because you're lazy, people don't like you, you don't know anything and have nothing to add..."

It could have gone on and on but because I've been on this path of inner work and self love I was like, "woah! that is super hurtful and I don't want to feel that way. Shut up critic." My work around this morning was to ask some questions and really tune into my emotions.

What am I actually feeling? Jealous.  Ok, why? Because I want to be in action on my business. I want to feel like I have someone supporting me, giving me guidance and information. I want to feel less alone in my business.  Can you give that to yourself or do you have access to that in a different way? Well, sure, I guess. (said like a whiny teen)

My next step was getting a little support. I turn to oracle cards in times of feeling alone and lost. They usually bring to the forefront of my mind what I need to hear or already know but am denying.

Then I write down my action steps I can take to get me closer to what I'm feeling jealous of. In my experience jealousy is just a signal that I have a desire or need I'm ignoring. Am I still a little jealous? Of course, but I got a little encouragement through the cards, got a little nudge from my guides to see where I was missing something and what I could do about it.

It isn't a perfect process because it tends to start with feeling bad. However, if you tune into your emotions and ask what it is telling you your guides show up with all sorts of information. When you stop the inner critic and start getting curious about your feelings you open a dialog with that inner guidance.

Next time you feel lost or overwhelmed with negative emotions stop and ask what is really going on. Then take action to get you moving toward what you are really after. 

If you need some support with this process and want some guidance and encouragement, send me an email and lets talk about how I can support you. Your inner guidance is here for you and so am I, you just need to ask.

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