Look What I Stole

I stole from Este Macleod

Please Note: I am not attempting to blatantly copy an artists style to present as my own. I try on other artists styles and techniques to learn from, to experiment with and then integrate into my own art. We are all influenced by the things we view, the artists we follow, the books we read but we should always try to put our own voice and flare into what we create.

My inspiration artist is Este Macleod found on Facebook here or Instagram here. I love following her because she posts time lapse videos of her work.  Watch my stolen art video and then read below for what I learned.

Why I copied:  for the texture, layers and colors
My goodness you should look at her art just for the layers. My quick robbery doesn't even compare. I can't imagine how many layers she must do to achieve that richness. 

Favorite part: I loved the exercise of taking words and turning it into an image. Knowing she does a lot of flowers made that process easy to steal. I didn't worry about what I was going to turn it into because I knew it would be flowers.

Areas for improvement: I would love to have the patience for all those layers. I just swoon over the textures and richness the layers create over time. I really love the way she uses a thin brush and does line work on top. My attempt was a bit clunky even though I still like how it turned out.

What I plan to incorporate:
• lines or words turned into art as a creative exercise
• putting gel over charcoal for the messy lines and the brush texture [be sure to use a stiff bristle brush for deep brush lines]
• more layering with thin line detail. I preferred using a larger flat brush on its end than a thin brush but I might practice more with it.

Tips to make it your own:

• Don't take everything from one place. (incorporate one or two techniques into what you already create)

• Come up with your own subject matter (flowers don't belong to any one artist but I would need to push this painting further to make it my own)

• Alter the color combinations to represent your tastes or mood

• Don't borrow techniques and claim they came from you, give credit and let it evolve as you grow as an artist

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