Photo to Painting

I'm sharing a quick video (3 minutes of high speed action) of how I paint over an image to make a painterly image. I use them as visualization boards, for anchoring and manifesting. Anchoring, visualizing and manifesting through art are processes I utilize as a tool for creating the life I want. I like to find images from Pinterest and from magazines and alter, combine or paint over to form a clear visualization of the things and feelings that I want to focus on.

Take a quick look at how I do it. This particular image is from Pinterest and I don't have the source information.  I am not selling or representing this image as my own. Just painting it and hanging it on my wall for visualization. 

Do you need to paint over your images that you use for visualization boards? No. I like to because it gives me an opportunity to spend some time focusing on my feelings and visualizing what I want. I also prefer the painterly look for something I'm going to put out or hang up so it appears more like a piece of art than a magazine clipping I have around the house. I like to keep my manifesting a little more secret and also make my walls pretty. What images can you use in this way to start focusing your thoughts on what you want to create in your life?

Tip: Find images that evoke the feelings of something you want in your life, places you want to go, who you imagine you want to be, how you want to look or anything that reminds you of a goal or dream. While you are painting over the image focus your thoughts on how you would feel if you were that person in the image. Place your body in that image and feel what it would be like to be thin, surrounded by beautiful things you love, accomplishing a goal and so on. When you complete the image you will be able to focus back on those positive feelings each time you spend  some time viewing your painting.