Why I can't stand the word CREATIVITY

...use it because you have it living within you and it wants to be free of other people’s definitions.

This word has so much baggage that comes with it. It can be a word of exclusion, an end goal, a necessity for success. It comes with a booming field for books as everyone has declared that they need it to succeed or get more, faster.

I don't really hate the word creativity, in fact I use it a lot. There just isn't a better word to describe the process of creation and inspiration and passion and belief. I also can't stand the word manifest for the same over used, hyped up, turn off that it has become. I digress...

Creativity is important and I encourage you to cultivate and embrace it and its importance in the world. I just urge you to "create" your own meaning and value in the word. Let it connect to you and what you need instead of being told who can have it, how you must use it and grow it. Explore your own creativity and you will see how it can improve your own life.

I believe creativity:

does not conform to rules
has no single way to use it
has no right or wrong, good or bad
grows with use
builds fulfillment within every single person
has no boundaries or specific uses
connects us with our purpose
is a source of continued inspiration and ideas

Take the essence of creativity and let it be something you claim for yourself. Don't do it or choose to be "creative" because of where it can get you, use it because you have it living within you and it wants to be free of other people's definitions.

How do you use your own creativity?
Do you feel like you are creative? Do you tell people you are?
What is a word you like to use for when you express your own ideas, style and preferences?
How do you find new solutions or perspectives?
What ways are you creative that you don’t count because it doesn’t fit what is presented as “creative”?

Jane BureshComment