The Mister Rodgers Ritual

Ritual paraphernalia

Ritual paraphernalia

The biggest challenge for me is to get started working on my creative work. I have the typical excuses, I’m tired, the house is a pit, I can’t think of anything I want to make. So I have to snap out of it by starting my ritual that brings my brain from “stop stealing my freedom, man” to “I can’t hear you I’m in my zone”.

Now when I say ritual I don’t mean sacrificing small animals or gathering herbs and stones for an alter (to each their own, no judgment here, but I’m just a simple girl). I mean the Mister Rodgers ritual. You remember, he comes in his house, changes into his indoor sweater and house slippers and gets to work playing with puppets. It’s that simple act of changing into a certain pair of shoes that signaled it was time to get serious about the neighborhood.

 My ritual has to be easy easy or I won’t do it. It takes less than 10 minutes and is something I enjoy.

I get a cup of coffee with all my fancy fixings

Do some yoga stretches – just 3-4 that stretch my aching back (longer version of yoga on days I have time)

I get my bucket of water for clay or paint

I grab my coffee and go to my studio space and do a 10 minute flow painting on the long version days (I skip this on days my work time is limited and I have projects I need completed)

I write out my 3 projects I’m going to work on to keep my creative efforts focused. (I have to do this or I get distracted and decide to paint on a chair or arrange my glue sticks into patterns – not really useful in the long run and another form of my resistance)

I also have a special pair of slippers I wear in the winter that signal my brain its time to work. They are big and thick with rubber bottoms because it is freaking cold down there. Not really part of my regular ritual but I can tell my brain switches once those suckers go on. Hmmm, maybe I should get some warm weather work slippers.

Take just a moment and figure out what helps your brain switch to create mode. Is it when you put on your apron? Or gather your favorite supplies? If you don’t have a ritual and you find yourself resisting getting to work, try to come up with a simple action or sequence that you will do right before sitting down to create. It should follow these simple rules

1.     something simple that takes less than 10 minutes

2.     something you would look forward to doing

3.     something you would only do before setting to work - so maybe not napping, just a suggestion

Leave a comment and tell me what your ritual is or what you plan on trying.

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