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I find my inspiration all over the place. I've collected a few items to inspire you today based on my new experience of creating art with my toddler. Such creative creatures - children. I just want to absorb their energy and passion for what they create.

Gathered here is a a great quote. Pillow case found here. A fun simple font found here. A close-up shot of a piece of art by Melissa Peck (website here) who is also inspired by the art of her children and incorporates them into her paintings. And these fantastic new toys made from the drawings of children. I've seen other links but this is where I found this image and is one studio that does this. I can't wait til my daughter draws things so I can do this.

I hope you find some inspiration around you today. Use this as a starting place if you are lacking inspiration today. In the near future I hope to show you how I take an inspiring piece of art, design and use it as a jumping off point to create something new.

Now tell me what you find inspiring about children's art, doodles or passion in the comments.