Making Space for Creating

If you are here reading this you already know that you want to create or be creative. The first step for all of us is making the space and time for creating a priority.  If you aren’t already creating regularly you will fall into the mental trap of thinking, “Why should I?” You may not have the dream of working full time from your creativity and that makes it even harder to make the effort to make creative space.


Creativity is important for everyone and important to practice regularly. Here is why:


Creativity gives you access to your dreams and goals or life purpose

You feel pulled to creating because deep down you know that it will help you clarify your dreams, desires and thoughts. Creating in all its forms lets you interpret and express your experience in life. It can help you to find clarity in a hardship or find a way to share with others the important life lessons that you have already learned. You will find that you gain important insights into your own life while you are creating.


Creating gives sense of control, balance and stability in a life.

 Life is filled with dependency on things outside ourselves. Will I get that promotion? My relationship has ended or been hurtful, how can I deal? When we create things we feel fulfilled with what we can give ourselves. We feel a sense of happiness and fulfillment from our own creation independent of others.


Creativity provides a path for improved capacity.

Even if you aim is not to create art for others, using your creativity and challenging yourself through creation will help you develop quicker more creative thoughts. You will have the skills to think outside the box, make connections and solutions for all areas of life. These are the skills that most employers are seeking in an age of constant change and development. You will see solutions that others don’t allow their minds to see.


Creating provides a deep sense of satisfaction.

Being human means we are always striving for more or the next thing. We achieve, we want more, we get money or belongings, we want more, we get the girl, we want the next girl. (or boy) This is human nature, but creating something from our own two hands provides us with a sense of pride and completion. Yes, we will want to do more and create bigger and better but that sense of satisfaction from our first piece will remain with us. It is a real satisfaction that comes from within and makes it more fulfilling than the things that come outside ourselves.


As you can see creating gives, gives, gives to us if we make space and start taking action to receive. So how can you begin to make time and space for creating when just starting out?


1.  Be easy on yourself about how often you find the time.

If you berate yourself for only trying to create something once a month you will think you feel bad after creating because you have just created poor feelings around that one act of creating. Let yourself come to creating whenever you can without it being right or wrong or long enough or too short. Be easy on yourself especially at first or you risk stopping yourself too soon.


2. Find your inspiration piece or project to get you started.

Feel free to go on pinterest and find something you wish you created for yourself. There is nothing wrong in mimicking to begin. It gives you a project or goal, it gives you guides for colors you like, finished product you can hope to achieve. You can copy directly if it gets you going, teaches you a technique and you aren’t claiming it as your own creativity. If you can, try and examine what you could pull from your inspiration piece without copying directly. Is it the colors, the texture, the spacing? When you define that you can use those aspects to create something original and from yourself.


3. Check in and out mentally.

The one thing that gets people to quit creating all the time is their thoughts. It might be that there are too many thoughts floating around in there keeping you from being able to focus. “I need to do laundry, I should be doing something more productive, I think I lost my can opener, the really good one. I should go look for that.”blah blah blah. Or it might be that while you are creating you are constantly being critical. “I can’t do this. This is total crap. It doesn’t look anything like a pickle.”


If you are a mental waste basket of every thought you have ever thought or ever read or heard, you need to do a mental muck release. Take a sheet of paper and write out everything you have going through your head for about 7 minutes. Just write down every random thought to try and get it out so you can check out mentally while you create.


If you are Negative Nelly and become your worst enemy and bully while you create, it is time to mentally check in. Take a piece of paper to put near you while you create. Pay attention to your thoughts as you work. Each time you catch your thoughts being a jerk to your creative self make a hatch mark. At the end of each creative session notice how many times you bully yourself. Each time you sit down to create you should see that they lesson in frequency as you become aware of the negativity and how it doesn’t serve you while you are trying to create.


These tips are just to get you started. Please download the free “action steps to starting a creative life” (coming soon) for more information and ideas. You deserve to receive all the benefits of creating. You just need to start making the mental, physical and time space to get going. Be easy on yourself, it is only the beginning of a lifetime of benefits from allowing yourself to be creative.