Intuitive painting 1.0

As part of the creative process I would like to encourage you to try intuitive or "flow" painting. It is a way to get out of your head and into the flow of painting without knowing the end product. I also use it as a way to work through emotional or mental blocks I'm having that are keeping me from being productive.

This particular day I was struggling with a little self love. I couldn't concentrate on my art because I just kept thinking about the size of my thighs. This is no way to work [or live]. So I sat down and with a fairly open mind and started loosely painting what it might look like to love my body or to be less psychotic about eating [too much, too little, too covered in sugar]. I will go further indepth about my process in another post where I will show you supplies, starters and so on. These posts are to show you the strange, crazy and wonderful things that can evolve when you paint just to paint. I will show you how I keep layering to get deeper emotionally and visually for more interesting and inspiring results. I will also show that this process is a process and sometimes its just ugly, but ugly has its place in creativity. I'm going to show you how to embrace it [maybe not warmly but like you embrace that one distant cousin that smells faintly of something you hope is food and not perfume]. I will also be sharing my insights that I get while doing these paintings. I usually keep notes so I can remember what the particular painting helped me overcome, realize, or accept.

I hope you will join me in this process of free flow painting to help you discover beautiful ways to express yourself.