Turn the Light On


Turn the light on inside you. The inspiration, people and circumstances you need will be drawn to you like bugs to a zapper... but, you know, less deadly.

We are creating our "sparks" or feelings through continued action to connect with our passion, our dreams and our desired life. All of this action and creativity and passion comes from you and only YOU. You can find random inspiration, heros, and the like but once you catch that original spark you have to continually use it to light yourself up. If you are always looking to outside sources to keep that flame burning you will lose sight of it. It will flicker and float away with the people it originated from. 

Be your own light, your own beacon. Trust yourself and your feelings to guide you. Turn on your inner light through continued action, belief and trust and you will find what or who you need, when you need it. Don't know how to turn on that light?

Creative Daily Action Emergency Kit:
1. Write, sketch, collect all the things that inspire you for reference when the light flickers

2. Meditate or journal to your inner creative coach and ask for help. See what shows up in that session.

3. Create something, anything, as the act of creating will lead you to what you need. Don't believe me? Try painting for 20 minutes with no goal in mind and see where you mind wanders. If you can control your negative though patterns and keep going you find a path, a technique, a feeling or a thought that will get that light back on. Even if it is just the feeling of accomplishment for doing something with your hands that day.

4. Take a walk and step away from the searching. When we let go and stop striving, hope and insight gets a chance to use the door and light us back up.

It doesn't have to be a bright burning light to guide you. Some of the best adventures are guided by star light.