Ode to a Hipster


With Halloween just passed and not getting a chance to dress up myself to try on a personality or persona I thought I would share this instead. I want to be a hipster. 

with love and admiration.

Ode to a Hipster

 You express yourself with clothes and tats
You grow beards and veggies and collect small cats
You reject mass media and social norms
And wear vintage clothes in all their forms

It must be hard to wear glasses thick with plastic
Your peripheral view must be far from fantastic
You wear stocking caps no matter the season
Is it your haircut or body heat? There must be a reason

I respect the way you stay true to self
You eat vegan and veggies and protect your own health
If you see me staring and squinting my eyes
(Damn, dude you have killer skinny jean thighs)
It’s not that I’m judging or hating – far from it, my friend
Just wondering if I had skinny jeans would I be able to bend?

 I just want to be clear that I am not judging or making assumptions (ok I a little bit assume you are vegan) about anyone in vintage dresses and beanies and black glasses. I personally love the look but I’m afraid I couldn’t pull it off.

I get that it is a way to express who you are and what you believe through your hair, clothing and makeup choices. I get that I’m expressing something very boring with my clothes my run of the mill hair and color. I also know that you are more than your appearance. But do you know that I am more than cheap old navy clothes and a worn out diaper bag?

 I write this not in judgment or condemnation but in appreciation. It makes me think that if I were to express one or two things about myself through how I dress what would it be? I don’t think too much about what my clothes say, other than making sure they don’t say “slut bag” or “18th century schoolmarm”. I’m a middle of the road kinda gal like that.

 So in honor of the bold, expressive hipster I’m creating a look that says just a tiny bit of who I am. If I were a hipster…