Look what I stole


Ok, so let me explain. I will be doing a regular post called "look what I stole" based on the concept of "copying" or "borrowing" from artists you admire in order to learn and experiment. Austin Kleon calls it "Stealing like an artist" in his book by nearly the same name. Just so we are clear, I'm not actually copying directly and if you can't tell from the images my work looks NOTHING like Ruthie Ann's. I don't intend to sell these pieces as they are just for me to grow as an artist and try on different styles.

This is the original inspiration piece by Ruthie Ann found on pinterest. Afterward I went to her Flickr page here and found more amazing work to one day steal or buy! 

Note: Video of my process is in the works for future burglary of amazing art. 

I start by analyzing which aspects I love about the piece so I can focus in on what I'm trying to steal. This is all explained in a course I'm creating called Copy for Confidence.

Features: high contrast, rough painterly texture, abstracted figure, and shadows and light.

Time invested: 30 minutes

Do I love it: the process - yes, the rough texture - yes, my result - uh no. I turned my cute baby into a dark and brooding alien with a furry tummy.

What I learned: I like painting quick and with large brushes. I need to get back into practice of painting people and I might need to do some photo manipulation to see or create strong contrast in the image I'm going to paint from.

What have you stolen lately? Send me an image so I can share it.