Hello!  I'm Jane


Hi! I'm Jane Buresh

I am an artist and painted life coach here to support and facilitate personal change for women who feel lost and are wanting to more fully live their lives as their true selves. I guide women through reclaiming their creativity and using it to create the version of themselves they've been seeking.

Hello fellow Spark Chaser. I am right here with you seeking something greater, something fun, something tangible that will take us to a better understanding of true self. Creating-sparks was born of my desire to deal more fully with real emotions, use the tools of art to create a dream life, and create a spiritual practice I could really get into.

I did not have the rock-bottom fall down flat experience I heard all about that helped people expand and start living fully into their dreams. I was living an average life, had all my material and emotional needs met. I couldn't understand why I was still feeling lost, uninspired by life, and afraid to really look at what I wanted out of life.

I tried to find my guidance through others, thinking if I had all the tools, techniques, book knowledge then I would have the answer. So I read all the art, creative block, spiritual development, self-help and manifestation books I could get my hands on. Somehow, I was still searching for something... I no longer knew what I was searching for but I knew I wasn't finding it "out there". I started using all the information I had learned from years of reading and seeking and tried to make all the changes they suggested, do all the activities, the month long actions. I would quit, get lost, frustrated and start over with a new book. Finally, I realized that if I wanted a breakthrough; if I was going to create a life I loved, I wanted it to be enjoyable for me to keep coming back to it. I had to do it my way. My way was through paint.

I am all about making the tough stuff fun, colorful and enjoyable. If we can’t enjoy it we won’t stick to it and personal growth and living soulfully is a process, not a one time event.

The tools I use range from painting, journaling, story telling, visualization, meditation and traditional life coaching methods. I am a trained Beautiful You Life Coach and I've taken their proven model and added in my splash of color.

I have always used art and journaling for my own creative expression and healing. After receiving a Bachelors in Fine Art and running an art studio and gallery where I taught art classes, I realized how much we as adults had lost our connection to our own art and creative expression. Art had become a place of rules, good and bad, and product based. I want to share and guide women to reconnect to their own creative voice and the healing ability they have at their fingertips. I searched out all I could find to understand tools for happiness, spiritual practices and ways to use art in connection to those practices. Creating-sparks is a culmination of all my research, art practice and my life coaching training.

I am here to share all of that with you. I show you the tools so you can change your life.